Millennium Driving Academy ~ Where Michigan Teens Learn To Drive!

We are the prominent provider of drivers training programs throughout Southeastern Michigan. We realize the importance of a quality program committed to focusing on the development and safety of our teens.

Millennium Driving Academy is an accredited drivers training company committed to providing quality training to educate and protect today’s teens.

The Millennium Driving Academy courses are led by professional instructors who share a passion for teaching drivers how to drive safely. MDA offers segment 1 & 2 state licensing programs designed for beginners seeking to master the art of driving and to build the confidence and skills necessary to master the road.

Our team goes beyond the normal drivers education programs available to most teens by offering young drivers a hands-on experience for many types of driving situations. Classroom experience theory and hands-on teach the basics about driving, the relationship between speed and stopping distances, proper seating position and accident avoidance.

We focus on activities to sharpen their defensive driving and car control skills. The program is designed to make young drivers safer on the road by teaching them skills they will apply every time they are behind the wheel.

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