Parents and students are required to read the entire information packet before beginning our program.

If at any time you have questions that are not answered, please call our administration offices Monday through Friday 9AM – 4PM at (734)625-0778

Please be advised that the class that you have registered for may be canceled due to low enrollment. You will be contacted by phone with at least a 48 hour notice if this was to occur.

Items to bring the first day of class:
Tuition (cash, check or money order)
Any coupons, gift certificates or discount flyers (must bring on the first day)
Copy of birth certificate or other legal identification
Pen / pencil and notebook
Permission slip / contract filled out and signed

Method of payment:
*First day of class please bring your full amount of tuition or deposit. We accept cash, personal check or money orders.

*The remaining balance is due in cash or money order no later than 2 days before the last day of class. No personal checks will be accepted for final payment.

Students will not be issued their certificates if there are unpaid balances on their account. A $25.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks and for all payments received after the last day of class.

We will not issue refunds if we are able to fulfill our part of the services. If a student is unable to complete a program due to illness or other obligations, the tuition received will be credited toward the next program of their choice. If a student is removed from class for misbehavior, excessive tardiness or lack of participation refunds or credit will not be given.

Missed classes:
If a student misses a day of class they must make up the missed time in the next available class. It will be the student’s responsibility to make arrangements to attend the next available class. All 24 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of driving must be completed for a student to receive their completion certificate.

Passing the class:
A final written test will be given the last night of class. A student needs a 70 % or higher to pass. If a student fails this test they will be allowed to attend the testing night of our next available Segment 1 class to attempt to pass the test again. The date and time of this next testing night will be made available to the student by their instructor or by calling our main office.

Pick up and drop offs:
Students are not to be dropped off for class more than 10 minutes before class begins. They are to have a ride waiting for them when class is over. We are not responsible for students before or after class times. Please be on time!

Driving lessons:
Students attending a Segment 1 class will receive 6 driving lessons. These lessons occur outside of classroom time and are made by individual appointments by the students with a road Instructor. We begin driving lessons starting with the oldest students in the class. The road instructor contacts the students in class or by phone to schedule students for their lessons. Their road instructor may not be the same person as their classroom instructor.

*Due to scheduling overlap and a large volume of students, it is not unusual for driving lessons to begin on the second or third week of class if your student is one of the youngest in class (especially during the summer months). Please be assured that your student will begin their lessons as soon as an instructor is available.
*All students are required to meet the instructor at the location where their classroom sessions are held, unless other personal arrangements have been made. Students are still required to come to class on the days they have driving appointments and driving appointments will not occur while class is in session.
*Students are not permitted to wear sandals, flip flops or platform shoes during driving lessons. If additional driving lessons are needed to ensure the safe driving skills of a student, they will be made available at $60.00/hour.

Cancellation of driving lessons:
Due to weather conditions, vehicle problems, instructor illness or other emergencies it may be necessary for us to cancel driving lessons. Be assured that the canceled lesson will be rescheduled as soon as possible. If a student needs to cancel a scheduled driving appointment, 24-hour notice must be given to the instructor or administration offices (734-625-0778). If notification has not been received a $30.00 fee will be charged. All fees must be paid before driving instruction resumes.

Classroom conduct:
Students are expected to behave in a mature manner during class time and driving lessons. If a student has been given a warning for misbehavior in class or drive time, the instructor will make the student leave and call their parent / guardian to come pick them up. The student will not receive credit for the time spent and will need to make up the lesson. If the student continues to be a problem, they will be removed from class completely. If a student is removed from class, refunds and / or credit for time spent will not be given.